Become a Robotics Expert

Do you want to become an expert in robotics, whether as a researcher or as an engineer? Are you a student who wants to find out which courses you can follow to become a robotics innovator? Or are you still in high school and want to learn more about robotics?

Here is an overview of the possibilities and learning programmes:

Primary school programmes

One cannot start early enough with stimulating the interest of children in robotics and science. Therefore, visit Science Centre Delft. A visit to the science centre provides a glance at the research of Delft University of Technology. They also offers a variety of playful projects which teachers can use in the classroom. All are centred around the main education goals: mathematics, science, sustainability and biology.

Secondary school programmes

In the Netherlands, there are no special education programmes about robotics in secondary education. However, when you want to become a robotics expert it is important that you get high grades in mathematics and physics. This will help you at the university.


And although there are no special robotics programmes, there are schools which prepare you for a further technical education. At the so called ‘Technasium’, education centres around competencies necessary for a higher technical education: creativity, inventiveness, communication, planning, organising and process and knowledge orientated working.

Thereby, students develop knowledge and skills which prepare them for a technical study at the university. Look here for an overview of Technasia in the Netherlands.

Science Centre Delft

Science Centre Delft offers educational workshops for secondary education as well. One of them is LEGO Mindstorms which teaches children to programme a robot. Visit the website (Dutch) of Science Centre Delft for more information about their educational programmes.

Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology does not yet offer a bachelor and or master programme in robotics. However, there are five studies that give you the opportunity to become a leading innovator in robotics.

You can find all the relevant information about de possibilities of studying robotics in Delft on the TU Delft Robotics Institute website.