18 Oct 2018

Botox your assets

RDM Congrescentrum, Rotterdam

Industrial installations are often several years old, but have to perform as if they were newly built. How can you minimalise and predict maintenance of these ‘aging assets’? How can you optimise your life cycle management? What is the best moment to replace an asset? And what role can technological developments such as robotics play? That’s what Dare2Cross Botox your assets is all about.

Aging assets are a main concern for port companies, petrochemical factories, water companies and shipping companies, amongst others. That’s why iTanks and InnovationQuarter, together with Gemeente Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam end Maritime delta, organise Dare2Cross Botox your assets.

Dare2Cross is developed by InnovationQuarter to connect people, companies and organisations that wouldn’t naturally get into contact with each other. In this way, Dare2Cross disrupts fixed patterns within sectors and creates opportunities for new solutions or applying innovations hitherto unknown to these sectors.

Location: RDM Congrescentrum.

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