18 Jan 2018

Demo day Minor Robotics

On 18 January, several new robots will be on show during the demo day of the Minor Robotics 2017-2018.

Over the past months, eight groups of 3rd-year bachelor students from Delft University of Technology have worked hard on the development of a robot. Each team consist of five to six students with different backgrounds (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design).

With their different knowledge, the students were able to develop the various robots their customers requested. During the demo day, the students will show their robot design and tell you how their robot works.

The following robots will be on display:

  • An autonomous boat that participates in the RoboBoat competition
  • A cheese-robot
  • A robot ball to stimulate the interaction with children
  • An autonomous boat to collect duckweed
  • A robot-concept of a ‘pad-changer’
  • A host robot
  • A bartender robot
  • A rose indication system


For more information about the different projects, please click here for a full description.

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