25 Oct - 26 Oct 2017

International Masterclass Robotics 2017

  • Save the date! 25 & 26 October - Delft
  • World-renowned speakers like Aseem Prakash (Center for Innovating the Future), Irakli Beridze (UNICRI), Martijn Wisse (TU Delft Robotics Institute) and Gerard Smit (CTO IBM) have already signed up to speak

About the masterclass

Developments in the field of robotics come at a fast pace. Researchers and industry are working on the next generation robots. Are you - as a business leader and/or strategic decision-maker - wondering what the impact will be on your business and/or policy-making process?

The International Masterclass Robotics 2017 updates you on the recent developments, opportunities for your business and the expectations for the future. It emphasises on the impact of robotics on industry and society over the next years and decades.

"Top researchers gave a good insight in the developments in their working area and what it could mean for robot technology"

Do you want to challenge the disruptive changes and opportunities in our industries and society? During our Masterclass, we invite you to share your thoughts and visions with our top experts.

Why attend

  • Provides you with insights so that you can anticipate on the disruptive changes robotics will cause in society and industry.
  • To gain an overview of how to utilise the existing and future possibilities of robotics to the utmost.

Jan Koudijzer of Festo participated in a previous edition. "All my working, life I have been active in the field of industrial automation and robot-technology. So in more than 30 years, I have seen quite a lot of innovations. Nevertheless, I found the International Masterclass Robotics very inspiring", he states.

"Top researchers provided good insights about the developments in their area of expertise. Add to that the feedback and discussions of the other participants, coming from a variety of interesting companies, and you really have an educational and motivating Masterclass."


Click here for the preliminary programme of this year's Masterclass.

Last year's programme

You can find a recap of the International Masterclass Robotics 2016 in the links below:


Participation of the two-day masterclass: € 3,950.00 excl. VAT.


Do you want to apply for the International Masterclass Robotics? Please fill out this form. For more information, please contact event manager Erik Anspach at erik.anspach@robovalley.com.

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