12 Oct 2017

NRC Live - Impact of Robotics


From personalised marketing to automated stock trading and from the diagnosis of cancer to self-driving cars: the robot is definitively coming out of its cage and artificial intelligence (AI) finds its way towards many applications at a fast pace. But what is part of the hype and what are the actual opportunities and limits of technologies such as machine learning and embedded AI? Find out during NRC Live on 12 October in Delft. RoboValley is a partner of this event.

Towards the right business case
Let experts help you to discern facts from fiction, meet innovators, discuss dilemma’s concerning the robot society and get insights in how leading companies explore new business cases. Your lazy chair as personal assistant? Experience how Ikea’s innovation lab is working on this.

The right questions, at the right moment
Learn during NRC Live how your organisation can prepare itself for a future with AI. Hear more about:

  • Business opportunities: concrete leads for a successful integration of AI in your business management
  • The newest developments: hear how enthusiastic start-ups and passionate robotics researchers plan to shape the future
  • Societal dilemma’s: will AI share your norms and values? Join the discussion in our ‘Lagerhuis’

Speakers NRC Live
Get inspired on 12 October by prominent keynote speakers who will put the hype in perspective. Featuring amongst others;

  • Luc Steels, Founder VUB AI-Lab
  • Kaave pour, Creative Director Space 10 Lab IKEA
  • Corien Prins, president WRR
  • Bart van der Mark, Head of Intelligent Automation Cognizant
  • Catelijne Muller, AI-rapporteur EESC
  • Romke van der Veen, Professor Sociologie van Arbeid & Organisatie Erasmus Universiteit
  • Aseem Prakash, AI Business Strategist, Center for Innovating the Future

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