13 Nov 2018

Smart Production / Workforce of the future

The maritime sector, horticulture, manufacturing companies: near every sector gets to deal with smart production. Production processes are optimised to get a more flexible production and higher quality, amongst other benefits.

Smart production has a lot of advantages. But how can you use robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and augmented reality to produce in a more smart way? What are the consequences for the internal processes of your company? And what sort of skills does this new technology require from your employees?

These are some of the topics central to the ‘Dare2Cross Smart Production I Workforce of the future’ that will be discussed during the event on 13 November.

Dare2Cross is developed by InnovationQuarter to connect people, companies and organisations that wouldn’t naturally get into contact with each other. In this way, Dare2Cross disrupts fixed patterns within sectors and creates opportunities for new solutions or applying innovations hitherto unknown to these sectors.

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