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RoboHouse is RoboValley’s fieldlab where manufacturing companies and innovative organisations can discover the possibilities cognitive robotics offer, develop their own applications and test them in an industrial setting.


You can start your robotics roadmap today in RoboHouse. Based on TU Delft Campus, RoboHouse offers direct access to the research of TU Delft Robotics Institute and industrial partners, such as ABB and Festo.




Take a tour with your management through RoboHouse or book an inspiring hands-on workshop to understand how your organisation can implement intelligent robotics. Define the processes, products or propositions that will be impacted by robotics.

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Create your own advanced robotics application. Follow a course in RoboHouse. We will offer courses on a variety of subjects, for example applying TensorFlow (deep learning) in ROS (open-source Robot Operating System).

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