total scan

The robotic revolution is in full process. It is crucial to stay ahead in this revolution, but how? The RoboValley Robot Master Team provides the answer with its Total Scan. The Total Scan is the first step towards implementing robotic systems into your business.

A Total Scan results in a custom-made advice on how to integrate the latest robotic innovations in your production processes. Therefore, a modular plan is created in four steps. You decide which of these modules will be implemented and when.

To set up this plan, we make use of the knowledge of professionals on the cutting edge of robotics. The Robot Master Team is part of a network of TU Delft Robotics Institute’s experts and many high-tech companies and other renowned research institutes connected to RoboValley.

The scan:

  1. Visit
    The Robot Master Team will pay on-site visits to investigate the involved production processes.
  2. Analysis
    The information gathered during the visits is processed and a thorough analysis is performed.
  3. Experts
    The Robot Master Team will investigate several opportunities. Specialists from our network of tech companies and universities are invited to discuss different possibilities of improvement.
  4. Modular plan
    You are advised on the short-term, mid-term and long-term solutions to implement robotics into the analysed processes.

Do you want to know more about a Total Scan? Please contact the Robot Master Team: